Our Story

"Like for others what you like for yourself"

noun. /ˈtōh-faa/ (transl. gift)

Tohfa Box began with the love of giving gifts to our friends and family. We live by the philosophy of liking for others what you like for yourself, giving to others what you’d get for yourself. That’s why, when you buy our boxes for your loved ones, you’ll wish you could keep a box for yourself! With each item hand-picked with love, our Tohfa Boxes come with a customizable drop-in lid to add that perfect personal touch.


noun. /ˈreh-bee-yaah/

Hi there! I'm Rebeeyah. Thank you for supporting Tohfa Box! I started this company with a single goal in mind: giving unique gifts that would put the biggest smile on any face. Others who know me know that I love giving gifts and collecting boxes! I decided to put both together to create Tohfa (gift) Box! I believe gifts increase love amongst two people, which is what we really need in this world.

Aside from working, you can find me spending time with my loved ones. I love a nice cup of tea on a rainy day and enjoying the smaller but meaningful things in life.

Join me on my Tohfa Box journey!